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your level 7 "in your face" pep talk. once you've got your ged diploma, you'll feel so good about yourself. you tell 'em! mr. trejo, can i transfer this guy to you? he needs something a little more... persuasive? [telephones ringing] yes! announcer: whatever motivation you need, we've got a pep talk for you at (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. good morning is monday as we
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enter our first full week of december. it is still raining we are dealing with soggy ground. it was with yesterday. good morning i am james fletcher. >> good morning i amanny hong. >> we are finally getting a chance to someone strike out today. here is a look at our forecast at our traffic with erica. good morning. >> good morning to you both we do have cloud cover up above. we do not have any issues with visibility. taking a look at your day planner. temperatures are in the 40's and '50's. it felt a lot colder this morning. into the afternoon mainly sunny skies. into the evening hours and increase in a cloud cover and, wind spirit here is a look at your 5 there rain fall
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totals. we received some impressive amounts a around the bay area. more in the coastal mountains. over 1 ft. of rain recorded. sonoma airport came in shot of 8 in. the same for sam rafeal. santa rosa more than 6 in. of rain and smaller amounts of the south bay. your temperatures out the door to a lot of forties'. where a jacket. low forties' for napa in vallejo. temperatures will continue to drop as we head in closer to sunrise. 51 in san francisco. mid 44 redwood city in san mateo. your afternoon highs look like upper 50s low 60s. it will be a cooler after known around the bay area. satellite and radar we will see in increase in a cloud cover through the course of today. into tomorrow we are tracking the potential for some rain. futurecast 4 set of 4:09 a.m. tuesday morning
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at lot of cloud cover light rain north of santa rosa. the system we are tracking to stay in to win state it is not a huge frame maker compared to what we saw this weekend. 12:00 p.m. tuesday some light rain for vallejo, napa, and fairfield. it is not until later tomorrow night we will start to see rain for the coast line, san francisco. picking up in intensity into the overnight hours. at 9:00 a.m. wednesday we could pick up water rain for parts of the bay area. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast is showing we have rain tuesday and wednesday, but overall at quiet weather pattern into thursday fighting in the weekend. a 10 percent chance of rain i think it will hold off. partly cloudy conditions temperatures in the '60s. however, it overnight lows will be cold with temperatures in the '40's. that is your weather
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i'll have more coming up in a bit. >> traffic is quiet not monitoring any problems. it is not raining today here is a look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza sailing out of oakland into the city. at the san mateo bridge westbound traffic towards foster city is good. south bound 101 good to go no delays to talk about coming out of the north bay. guys. >> very good erica we will continue our coverage of the storm and the after affects as we wait for the next round. we have 4200 pg&e customers without power. following the combined rains friday saturday and sunday. pg&e is working around the clock to restore power as best they can. they expect for restoration later today. let us from the numbers. the majority in the north bay. 1300 customers there. 1100
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in the south bay. roughly 900 in the east bay. 700 on the peninsula and about 60 customers in san francisco. more than 320,000 customers lost power since last thursday. as you can see pg&e has done great work in the vast majority of customers back on. and again for restoration today. >> 3 firefighters are in serious but stable condition after they were involved in a weather-related accident on highway 24 in iran the. east of wilder wrote on the shoulder of the highway when another car lost control and struck the side of the fire engine. the car rolled over and hit three firefighters including the driver into the first car. three veteran firefighters you see here were transported to john
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muir hospital in walnut creek. two of the firefighters need surgery. >> on to more headlines of the decision about whether the u.s. supreme court will take up the case of proposition 8 could come as early as this morning. we were hoping to get where friday did it not happen. they will post their decision this morning at 630. the court was scheduled to discuss the gay rights issue on friday. four justices must agree to hear the case before it can afford. if there is no decision the justices may discuss them at a future conference including one on december 7th. if they decide not to take on the issue we can wait to get word from the court as to whether there will hear the case. it struck down a marriage will resume in california. >> the national news announced the latest on the looming fiscal cliff. house
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minority leader nets deposing wants to vote. - vote nancy pelosi . >> with a so-called fiscal cliff and higher taxes for all americans looming. >> right now i will say we are nowhere. >> the house speaker blamed the stalemate on the obama administration. he said they are not taking republicans seriously with plans to close loopholes and limited deductions without raising taxes. >> off the president may disagree but the fact is if there is a another way to get revenue from upper income americans that does not hurt our economy why would we not consider it. >> the president wants to in the bush era tax cuts for people making more than a quarter of a million dollars per year. the average middle-class public to pay about 2000 a year more in taxes.
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>> there is no reason why 98 percent of americans have to see their taxes go up because some members of congress on the republican side want to block tax rate increases for 2 percent of the most wealthy americans. >> nancy pelosi pushing for a house vote. >> we think it would be a wonderful christmas gift for the american people to receive a tax cut in january. >> we are optimistic. >> republican senator linda grant is pessimistic sang that it is a joke. >> the clock is ticking. i am andrew spencer reporting. >> we will take a quick break on the kron for morning news will have more headlines. in the meantime here are some of your pictures from this weekend's
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storm. send us your pictures and keep them coming fifth the e-mail address to send it to is for breaking news at we will update you on this week's storm still to come.
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we are backing 4:10 is the time. delta airlines is in talks to buy singapore airlines. >> they're attempting to boost their in international operations between new york and london. the deal will not be announced any time soon. we will let you know when word comes down. the transaction would be the latest in a round of mergers that every shape the airline. highlights oil prices may precipitate more takeovers in the future. >> ford is recalling two of its biggest selling and newest models. the 2013
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escape cross over. and the fusion mid-size sedan. the automatic said they can overheat and catch fire. ford says that has not been any reported injuries but has 12 reports of a stake fires and one for fusion. this is the third recall for the state. the fusion was up just name green car of the year at the l.a. auto show. >> the amount of global he traffic pollution rose again last year by 3 percent. scientists say it is unlikely that global warming can be limited to a couple of degrees. majority of the increase comes from china and carbon the oxide pollution. the nine states in germany are the only two countries to reduce their carbon dioxide pollution. that amounts to two, 4 million lbs. of carbon
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dioxide released into the air every single second. >> if you have found yourself using social media in the bathroom. you are not the only one. a new report out today shows that one- third of the heaviest social media users ages 18-24 ssi such as facebook and twitter in the back up. ages 35-34 our bathroom--35-44 both sexes are likely to use social networks and beckham. social in the back on. >> we will see how bad is that the morning commute goes on.
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taking a double live look outside from our roof camera on the left and our bay bridge cam on the right. we're looking at filing some dry conditions as you make your way on the road. how long will the dry weather last. it may not be much longer. let us get the fed is on your forecast. >> we are looking had an increase in a cloud cover to day. head of another storm system to stay until wednesday. and expect a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures in the upper 50s coast side. the low sixties for most of the bay area. into tomorrow an
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increase in cloud cover. most of the green will stick to our north. maybe some communities north of the golden gate bridge will pick up a light shower into tomorrow morning and afternoon. wednesday we will see heavy rains for the bay area but this is nothing compared to what we experienced this weekend. in fact most of the bay area will receive a quarter of an inch or less. when stayed quiet weather returns to the bay area. mostly sunny skies temperatures in the '60s. a slight chance of more wet weather as we transition into the weekend. here is a look at temperatures now. forties' and '50s. 46 in san jose and oakland. 50 in san francisco. into the night a.m. hour the blue on your screen indicates everyone in the '50s. by 2:00 p.m. your afternoon high a lot of green start to fill in indicating low 60s. upper 50s will remain by the coast
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side. a cooler afternoon let us break down the numbers. 614 mountain view fremont. 62 in los gatos. an increase in high clouds. low sixties for fairfield, pittsburgh, and antioch. 62 in antioch. to the north bay we have a valley fog forming now. partly cloudy skies into the afternoon. 64 novato and san rafeal and upper 60s in san francisco. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast is showing rain on tap for tomorrow and wednesday. this is a significantly weaker system and this weekend. slight potential for rain saturday and sunday. we will keep that sunshine around. i'll have more on the forecast coming up. >> i want to give you a quick look at traffic. not monitoring anything major.
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overnight road were not the approach of the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is sailing. no metering lights active. we are seeing top speeds up the incline and across the upper deck. the san mateo bridge looks good in both directions no problem getting to it coming down the nimitz. south bound 101 is a trouble-free ride coming out of the north bay. >> our traffic maps showed eight easy rider coming down the east shore freeway. westbound 24 is a clear shot to the caldecott tunnel and the macarthur maize. all green on our roadway centers commuting into the south bay. >> very good erica. thank you. the agreement of the 14 year-old boy charged with as an adult with an attempted murder, sexual assault, kidnapping of a 65 year old woman is coming today kavie king scheduled to be rain last week. and it was
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postponed. king of the to the woman and forced her to drive several miles away where he sexually assaulted and beat her and forced her- that left her in a ditch. >> the 43rd homicide of the year matching a two decade high. the most recent was a 17 year old boy was gunned down on a residential street on friday. the killing is believed be gang-related. the 43 homicides so far this year tops the 41 killings last year. the 2011 total was doubled the previous year of homicides. >> oakland police officers have made 44 percent few of arrest last year than just three years before. the plunge in close and arrest from are marquesan drug bust. an average of 18 for your arrest per day. this deer the city is facing a 23 percent spike in murders, muggings, and other major offenses. this raises
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questions about the oakland police department which is struggling under the weight of job cuts and the demands of a federal court oversight. nationally are rest were down 11% in the same. >> and the south bay police are releasing a sketch of a suspect in connection with the murder of a high-profile venture capitalist. the suspect is described as a white or latino man about 23-24 years old. about 6 ft. tall. you can see in the sketch he is described as having black hair, dark eyes, and a light complexion. friday the body was found in his modest home near los gatos. his wife called for help saying an assailant or multiple assailants had ransacked home and beat her. she was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> a boy scout denied his eagle scout status denied of thibecause of his sexual
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orientation. he will be honored by ron progress. he was removed for coming out being gay. for his eagle scout project anderson built a tolerance wall to discourage voting. >> contract talks between workers at the port of lost angeles and long beach have resumed. the clerical workers began striking last tuesday. they claim management haven't outsourcing their well-paid jobs out of state and overseas. the employers' association which represents 14 shippers and terminal operators and denies the allegations. they say they have offered a lifelong job security to the 600 or so full-time clerical workers. >> coming up on the kron for morning new as we will have more headlines here. we will continue to go through some of the photos, the mini photos you have sent in over
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the course of this last rain storm. everybody is dealing with torrential downpours and high waters. continue to send pictures. e mail them to us at breaking news at you can stay updated at our web site facebook page, and twitter feeds as well.
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welcome back the timing is 4:24. the deadly collapse ave highway structure and not far from tokyo. prompted and inspection order. recovery efforts have been suspended while more pieces are to it's been for men from fallen. japanese officials say concrete ceiling slabs fell onto moving cars deep inside the three mile long tunnel. the location of the accident
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about halfway through the tunnel also made work difficult. authorities say is not clear if there of the survivors. >> in egypt the highest court has joined a judicial rebellion against president mohammed morsi. the strike was declared on the day was supposed to rule on two key assemblies. the will march on the presidential palace. strikers intent to do that. the last time egypt had an all-out strike by the judiciary was in 1919. the current standoff started when morsi should decrease the gave him absolute power. >> the palestinian president has returned to a hero's welcome. after he won a resounding endorsement of palestinian independence. dow as of people gathered outside a square outside the
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government headquarters in the west bank. the crowd was told the world has said yes to the state of palestine the u.n. decision to recognize palestine as a observer state has not changed the situation on the ground. the palestinians believe strong endorsement will boost the leverage in future peace talks. >> united nations meeting in dubai is looking to update how the world the government deals with the world wide web. a lot of people are not too sure what will come out of this. 123 people u.s. delegation like a will and microsoft are worried that and and that security could be used to justify with blocks. the gathering will confront questions that include how much sway the you in can exert over efforts. and expanding the internet and to developing nations. >> john mcafee is living the
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life of a fugitive. he blocked an unconfirmed report saying he was arrested on the border of police in mexico. he is running from police who want to question him about the death of his neighbor. the report of his arrest came within 24 hours of him giving his first and person interviews into making a run for it. the mayor of san pedro told the panel's report of his apprehension are not true. police in belize are san they have no idea where he is or what city he has supposedly been captured in. coming up on the kron for morning news and live look at the james lick freeway on this monday morning after a major storms this week in things are much quieter and the traffic and weather front at this hour. we will have more on your traffic with george and weather with erica. we will be right back. @ñ
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bareback 4:30 is the time on the kron for morning news here is a look at mount tam looking over san francisco there is the tower of the golden gate bridge. a beautiful shot. whether wise, much calmer than what we saw over the weekend in was literally starving all around the bay area. we will because of on the forecast with erica--storming all around the bay area. >> good morning james clear conditions now we do have some high clouds training into the bay area. i want to backtrack and take a look at your 5 day rainfall totals. the sonoma airport about 7.8 in. of rain. a little over two for the san jose area. we will not see rain today but we have issues with visibility with clouds forming in the north bay valley. 5 mi. or portions of
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santa rosa. clear conditions everywhere else again we will see any increase in clouds into the afternoon. satellite and radar shows just that clouds making their way into the bay area. this is the head of a storm system that is expected to approach. futurecast 4 set up for 9:00 a.m. tomorrow light rain around santa rosa. i do not think we will see too much moisture associated with this system. most of the bay area will see maybe a quarter of an inch. that is nothing compared to what we experienced over the weekend. futurecast 4 by lunchtime spotty showers in vallejo and napa. relatively light in nature. 70 in tomorrow we could pick up some heavier rain that will continue to grow in intensity for the overnight hours and check out 9:00 a.m. wednesday morning heavier rain expected for parts of the bay area we will see clear conditions as we head into the afternoon. this is not a significant rainmaker. dryer by
4:33 am
thursday it was a mix of sun and clouds. over all pretty mild conditions as we transition into the weekend. for 30 2:00 a.m. is the time that is your weather and traffic. >> in easy rider around the bay area no hot spots. not looking at any delays or problems and dry pavement which is great news. that does take a quick commute check like traffic now for interstate 580 and highway 4. too early to see delays for ya westbound ride you will have an easy trip to the south bay on the peninsula and through the north bay as well. >> thank you george. roughly 4200 bay area pg&e customers remain without power this morning following the weekend storm. pg&e is continuing to work around the clock to restore power to customers. they expect that to happen later today. the majority of the outages are in the north bank with more than 1300 customers still without power. of the merc customers affected 900
4:34 am
in the east bay. 700 in the peninsula. about 60 in san francisco. at the height of the system outages more than 328,000 customers lost power since their state. >> 3 firefighters are in serious but stable condition after they were involved in a weather-related accident on highway 24 in a rental. they were responding to a non--in all linorinda. the car rolled over and hit three firefighters. the driver inside the first car as well. some firefighters had to go under surgery but no one was killed. three veteran firefighters meanwhile, were transported to john muir hospital in walnut creek. two of the firefighters needed surgery. >> this morning both sides of the fiscal cliff talks
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seem far apart. there is some optimism about coming to a short-term deal. the president wants to in the bush era tax cut people making more than a quarter of a million dollars per year. with out a deal the average middle-class family could pay about $2,000 per year more in taxes. for house speaker blames the stalemate on the above ministration. he says they are not taking republicans seriously with the plans to close loopholes and limit deductions without raising taxes. >> i realize that the president may disagree. the fact is there is a another way to get revenue from upper-income americans that does not hurt our economy why would we not consider it. >> we think it would be a wonderful christmas gift to the american people to have a tax cut come january. and we want them to tell the american people why not if they would not do it. >> we are optimistic. >> the democratic controlled
4:36 am
senate has already voted to extend the bush cuts for incomes under $250,000 and letting the others expire. moody's analytics is predicting there will be a short-term deal reached for the end of the year. >> the second inauguration's tend to be smaller than the first. the inauguration will likely follow that transparent officials expect the crowd at the january 21st inauguration to be about 20,000 down from one point a link people will crowd the look small in washington four years ago. the decision about whether the u.s. supreme court will take up proposition 8 will come as early as this morning. the haikou will high court will post a decision at 630. four justices must agree to hear a case before. it if it is no
4:37 am
decision of the justices let it discussed a future conference including the one on december 7th. >> we will take a quick break at 4:36. let us take a look at these great pictures that have been coming in all weekend long from people around the bay area. you can see how they were experiencing the storm. water is just about everywhere. continue to send the pictures. for breaking news at kron 4 .com send it to as you work your photos and to our coverage.
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we are back. nationally as a member of the u.s. coast guard was killed and another left injured when their boat was struck by a smuggler's boat. it happen before dawn on sunday off the california coast. coast guard officials say the member was pronounced dead after suffering a dramatic head injury. the second lossix was treated for minor injuries. both suspects were detained on the craft as they were attempting to frfleeing the area. >> the man's attorney are is trying to approve a pretrial hearing to have him confined
4:41 am
to, to cope.. >> the federal government has awarded more than $180 million in contracts that have been tied to hurricane sandy that surpassed what the government spent on hurricane irene which hit in august of 2011. off the sandy spending included floating shelters, emergency supplies. the cause for new york state alone is about $33 billion. federal contract spending related to a sandy does not come close to the amount spent in the work week of hurricane medicare patients have save $5 billion on prescription drugs since passage of the health-care overhaul two years ago. the savings are a continuation of the 2010
4:42 am
health care laws attempt to close the door on the whole or the prescription drug expenses that can wants medicare runs out. the budget office announced an added benefit. cheaper drugs means more people taking their medication and reducing long-term medical costs. >> schools for thousands of public school students is about to get longer. five states will announce today their adding at least 300 hours of learning time to some schools starting next year. we're talking about paul rafeal, connecticut, massachusetts, new york and tennessee all taking part in this initiative. the goal is to improve student achievement and make u.s. schools more competitive on the global level. the program will affect 20,000 students a mix of federal state and district funds will go in to cover the cost of expanding the school year. >> and study shows many people eligible for unemployment do not collect their benefits. the study by the st. louis federal
4:43 am
reserve bank shows only half of those who qualify for benefits applied between 2008 and 2009. the filing for benefits shot up to 95% in 2010 and 2011. that means about 200,000 people did not claim money they were entitled to. only 5.7 million of the roughly 11.4 million eligible people connected benefits in 2009. the time is 4:42 on your monday morning. coming up on the kron for more in is a live look outside at your approach to the bay bridge. no problems at this early hour. when we come
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we are back. again taking a look at the damage that has been reported around the bay area. a 100 ft. fir tree fell on top of a car and organ. the couple have pulled up to the home when
4:46 am
they were visiting the tree snapped at the base. the two suffered minor injuries. they escaped by crawling out a small opening in the passenger side. they were taken to a hospital both are expected to be fine. investigators do not know why the tree fell. although the weather did have something to do with it. neighbors reported strong wind gusts at the time and both got out just fine. >> we are taking a double live look outside the golden gate bridge on your left. you can see no problems getting across the bridge. traffic and whether wise. the san mateo bridge is on the right a closer look at your forecast is erica good morning. >> good morning anny . it is kind of co we have '50's and '40's. we do not have all the cloud cover keeping us insulated like last week. we have mainly clear skies and in increase in cloud cover today. as we head into the afternoon we will see partly
4:47 am
cloudy conditions. temperatures in the upper 50s low 60s. later tonight mostly cloudy conditions and calm winds expected in the forecast. here's a look at the numbers. 41 and napa and a bottle.the lotto. temperatures reca will will drop all to the sunrise erica. futurecast 4 takes a look at temperatures. 9:00 a.m. blue on your screen indicates everyone in the '50s. we will see 60s trickle in fire afternoon highs. low 60s upper 50s in the bay area holding on to the coastline. neighborhood by neighborhood, mostly cloudy conditions clouds will increase throughout the day. 61 for fremont and milpitas. 62 in los gatos. similar conditions here 614 fairfield. 62 in castro
4:48 am
valley. to the north bay we have valley fog now mainly sunny skies into the afternoon. low sixties for novato and napa 58. downtown san francisco your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows wet weather on the horizon probably tuesday night for the north bay. wednesday for the rest of us. most of the rain will fall in the north bay and will pick up in intensity wednesday morning. out of this system is not a big rainmaker maybe a quarter of an inch. sun and clouds and dry conditions by thursday. a quiet weather pattern as we transition into the weekend. off more on your extended forecast in a bit. at 4:47 a.m. on to traffic with george. >> we are monitoring a good ride. there is a police action taking place out at the altamonte pass. first average check. the ride to the bay bridge looks great no backups no delays. no problems coming out of the macarthur maize. the san
4:49 am
mateo bridge ride a smooth 11 minutes with light traffic in both directions. for your ride to and from the golden gate bridge overnight construction work wrapping up. there you see crews reconfiguring the pylons as they set up the bridge of the morning commute. adding to lanes in the north bound direction and removing the buffer lane for a fourth lane southbound. easy drive * 13-14 minutes hercules to berkeley no delays. no delays for interstate 580. there is as you can see here a little slow traffic in the eastbound direction. that may be the result of the police action that is reported at no. 4 and rolled a high-speed pursuit in which the houcalifornia highway patrol was involved is terminated and out of our area. the ride 101 in the north bound direction an easy commute from 85 to 237.
4:50 am
1 01 south bound an easy trip as you head towards the golden gate bridge. in easy commute across the span. >> thank you george for 40 9:00 a.m. is the time a honeymoon is over for colin kapernick. the rams scored twice in the final three minutes of regulation. getting their lone touchdown or rookie janoris jenkins returned an errant pitchout by collin kaepernic to your sources or spirit brands kicker greg zuerlin connected a 54 your goal with 26 seconds left in overtime. bullying is a to the water at the time is by regulation as a sign was rows because deficits of 4916-13. the scene nearly avoided the second tied in three weeks. the raiders
4:51 am
were just about as ugly as the bay area weather. this week empirically a rookie quarterback brandon wheat in through for a career 3 and 64 yds and touchdown. and the browns did just enough to set the 12th game road losing streak by beating the oakland 20-17. >> san francisco has become one of the few school districts to use this since the cost is higher than $9 million deal would still need school board approval which is scheduled for next week. >> the city of san jose says they're plastic bag then is a success. city officials say they have seen a dramatic drop in litter 0 around the city. san jose officials say their next goal is to eliminate polystyrene foam. they plan to present the city warmest to the city council in february to phase out foam boxes for large established starting in 2014 and small
4:52 am
restaurants in 2015. >> the specific gun club may not be evicted after all the board of supervisors are expected to vote on the matter tomorrow. the city voted to of the to the club back in july after the estimated soil cleanup costs of the site would be $10.5 million. but during the eviction process, the club reached a deal for a month- to-month lease with the city. the gun club has been at this location for nearly 80 years. >> members of nasa's curiosity team are expected to give an update of its mission to mars today at noon. --the announcement will be delivered here in san francisco at the annual fall meeting of the american geophysical union. rumors about a big discovery began after curiosity's sciences was quoted as saying that a rover instrument responsible for finding inorganic compounds had gathered data for " the history books. nasa downplayed that comment in a statement on friday.
4:53 am
>> pope benedict the 16th have officially joined twitter today launching his official twitter account. the formal announcement is set for a press conference with catholic and twitter officials said the vatican. the pope will be composing the tweeds for the new account himself. the pope will press the button to send first himself but after that other people will send tweet out on his behalf. in june 2011 the popes in his first week from the twitter account for the vatican new site no word on what the pope's tour account name will be yet. we will find out today. >> the time is for 50 2:00 a.m. coming up on the kron for morning new we still have quite a few pictures-- 4:52. there is a tree that fell over on a house. we can have--send us your pictures so we can incorporate them into our newscast put them
4:54 am
on our facebook page. >> we will be right
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welcome back the timing is 4:55. some entertainment news to celebrity couples say i do and you are invited to share in the fund. vampires continue to outpace a double 07 at the box office. elisabeth corridan have of the bays and the tamils. >> x factor in extra holes mario lopez married his longtime girlfriend in mexico. the bride and groom young border served as a flower girl. >> a famous bachelorette married over the weekend. she starred in the seventh season of the bachelorette. in the season finale she got engaged to j.p. rosenbaum. off the wedding was in pasadena calif. saturday their wedding special will air on abc december 16th. the twilight
4:57 am
sola cannot be stopped at the box office. it captured the top spot over the weekend for the third consecutive week. the film has gained about seven and a half million dollars sprint is total to more than $254 million. james bond is still drawing big crowds coming in at no. 2. skyfall in $17 million. lincoln rounded out the top three bringing in 13 and have million dollars. for hollywood minute i am a little bit corrdidan. here's a quick looks your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast . here's a look before things get what on us again. mid we could have it brown of wet weather. it could clear up by the weekend expecting mild weather for saturday and sunday. tuesday through thursday is where we're looking to the possibility of showers. we will get more on forecast of
4:58 am
erica. >> coming on the kron for morning news at 518 charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, sexual assault of a 65 euro one. crews are cleaning up after the bay area was pounded by rain will have live reports by what is being done outside of your door plus more wet weather on the way. erica was not a detailed look and the timing of it would futurecast for coming up in just a minute.
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(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 5:00 a.m. stars now. >> good morning the top stories we are following storms over the weekend storms taken down trees and flooding. crews are cleaning up the mess behind. watching the u.s. supreme court will be handing down a decision in the next few hours will they give the proposition a
5:01 am
case is not same-sex marriage could resume in california we will have details. >> what will this week's weather have in store for us? erica is standing by from the weather center. >> good morning james we have a dry break today mainly sunny skies and increase in cloud cover later on to day care if we have changes to talk about we will experience wet weather tuesday heading into wednesday. but as focus our attention on today's forecast . upper 50s coast side low 60s everywhere else. later tonight krclouds will increase green wet weather to the bay area. 414 napa. the same for santa rosa. 45 in oakland. satellite and radar is monitoring the wider view you can see cloud cover high cloud screaming into the bay area. we will see some rain as we head into tomorrow
5:02 am
starting with the north bay it. --cloud the screening >> thank you erica. today's forecast might be brighter but the cleanup efforts are just beginning after the storm. let's go live to our solo reporter yoli in lafayette where they have a massive sinkhole they are trying to deal with. b >> dances is quite a cleanup. you can see the busted up pavement and asphalt. here is the big gaping hole, the sinkhole it cuts clearly across the two- lane road. this happened yesterday sunday afternoon all the rain we had it ended up there was a creek underneath there and with all the rain and wind called
5:03 am
the water to rise an overflow the whole area and that's often the soil and that is and everything collapsed yesterday's sunday afternoon. at this point a big cleanup. city engineers are saying they will not, they're looking at a long- term solution. it jeopardized other things as far as utilities, water mains that did crack under pressure but did not break completely. that would have really been disastrous for this whole area. because it is connected to basically a small holding tank full of water. that would have really caused this whole neighborhood to evacuate had that happened. fortunately that did not happen. at this point they are doing some cleanup to get ready for the next coming rain. they are thinking about a long-term solution for this problem. >> thank you yoli . this is
5:04 am
some of the most of their roadway damage coming out of the storm this week. there are a number of pot holes as well. let us get updated on the commute with george. good morning. >> thank you james. good morning. we did have one of a high speed pursuit that terminated in the altamonte pass in the stockton area. it is completely clear from the freeway and no longer a concern. a quick commute check shows like traffic around the bay area. the problems for interstate 580 westbound and highway 4. a light and easy ride. as it is through south bay freeways and on the peninsula and to the north bay no problems yet to report mark. >> thank you george we're watching the u.s. supreme court web site waiting for the decision whether or not they will hear california's proposition 8 case. the court releasing a list of cases they will hear in case they will not here. in the
5:05 am
latest of there will be posted on line as 6:30 a.m. this morning. kalif recall several proposition 8 the voters approved ban on same- sex marriage to be unconstitutional. supporters of proposition 8 appeal to the supreme court. and now we're waiting to see if the justices will review the case. if they will not hear the case then the california ruling stands. and same-sex marriages will be legal in california. if, however, they decide to hear the case then the same-sex marriage will remain on hold until the court makes a decision. which may not come down to next june of next year. >> both sides on the fiscal cliff situation seems to be far apart. the president must in the bush era tax cut for people making more than $250,000 per year. without a deal the average middle- class family could pay about 200--$2,000 a year more in taxes. house speaker
5:06 am
john boehner blanks the spot stalemate on the obama administration. he says they are taken republicans seriously with their plan to close loopholes and deductions without raising taxes. >> we think it would be a wonderful christmas gift for the american people for the middle class a tax cut come january people and we want them to tell the american people why not that they will not do it. we are optimistic. >> the democratic controlled senate has already voted to extend the bush era of cut for incomes that are under $250,000 and led the other is expired. >> moody's analytics predicting there will be a short-term deal reached before the end of the year. we will take a quick break on the kron for morning new we want to go outside and
5:07 am
give you a quick look. we will tell you about the power outages i think we have information where you can see the north bay is still dealing with more than 1300 customers without power in the south bay about 1100. in the east bay 940. 700 on the peninsula and roughly 60 customers in san francisco. we will let you know as we get the update on these numbers.
5:08 am
5:09 am
5:10 am
welcome back to the kron for morning news. >> watching wall street the dow finished up at four. on friday. that helped the dow, nasdaq, and s&p out small gains last week. dow future planning posit this morning. international stock markets rising this morning after sir ratio or covering china's manufacturing. this is a to the supplier manufacture --a committee of british
5:11 am
lawmakers a minor multinational companies including starbucks, google et amazon are guilty of immoral tax avoidance. province public accounts committee said the government should clampdown on the multinationals that export tax also approved as- move profits generated in britain to offshore cup is. public anger at such companies is growing in starbucks says it is reviewing the british tax practices in a bid to restore public trust. delta air lines is in talks to buy 40 not mistaken virgin atlantic airways. those shares are currently owned by singapore airlines. the move is an effort by delta to boost its international operations particularly between new york and london. a number of major--mergers in recent years has reshaped
5:12 am
the airline industry and analysts say high oil prices may lead to even more takeovers in the years to come. >> ford is recalling two of the biggest selling and newest models of the 2013 escape cross over. and the 2013 fusion midsize sedan that--with 1.6 l ego boost engine. the automaker says they can overheat and catch fire. for says there have not been any reported injuries but says it has been best-of reports of the state fires and one for fusion. this is a third recall for the new escapes with this engine for possible overheating in fire dangers. the fusion was just named gramm car of the year at the l.a. on a show. >> more on your forecast coming up.
5:13 am
good morning! wow.
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5:16 am
flood stage. here is some video of the rivers have flooded around the bay area taking a look at the napa river. we see it almost reached flood stage. the work they have done over the last few years with a controlled saved the town of napa from flooding. we are rushinwatching the russian rive. close to reaching the flood stage is expected to continue to rise through this afternoon as we show you the latest map here to join the pick as forecast. the south bay creek survive okayed the main concern is the russian river. it continues to rise. most bay area for sale within their banks. manages for the
5:17 am
russian river that we are concerned. >> but as it the official word on the forecast and what we can expect in far as wet weather over the weekend. >> good morning it will come sooner than later james with rain expected as early as tomorrow. we are catching a dry break now. we have some clout some high clouds in fact. temperatures a bit on the cooler side. 44 out the door in san jose. 49 in the city. your afternoon highs look like everyone is in the '60s. everyone hovering around 61 degrees a bit warmer and palo alto. 624 los gatos. the east bay 61 for fairfield concord and a degree warmer into walnut creek. but will start off the day mainly sunn for the east bay shoreline. clouds will increase later today. 64 berkeley. oakland 61 and petaluma. upper 60s for downtown san francisco and 59 in san bruno. satellite
5:18 am
and radar keeping an eye on the weather story a lot of clouds making a beeline to the bay area. rain on the horizon we will see a another system rolled through as early as tomorrow morning. light rain expected for santa rosa 9:00 a.m. tomorrow a lot of clouds associated with the system. closer to loach time the monster--we will pick up light rain for san francisco the coast line. it will pick up in intensity as we head into the overnight hours. 9:00 a.m. wednesday had there rain it will pick up in intensity for the peninsula and parts of san francisco. petaluma and napa as well. this is a rainmaker maybe a quarter of an inch of rain in the north bay. trace amounts for the south bay. we will be drive by thursday. mainly sunny skies into the weekend. temperatures will be in the
5:19 am
'60s for your afternoon high and low 40's for your and lows. >> thank you erica an easy ride around the bay area no hot spots not looking at much congestion. the bridges look good. with the westbound bay bridge ride it shows light traffic and easy nine minute drive time no delays out of the maze. 92 the san mateo bridge and easy dry ride with no problems east for westbound. the golden gate bridge configured for the morning commute for lane southbound into lanes in the northbound direction. as we pick up the traffic maps and look at the east bay 80 westbound looks good. 680 south no delays in to walnut creek. floor traffic for interstate 580 westbound we are starting to pick up a bit of heavy traffic near the 205 interchange. south bay freeways however, looked great no problems or delays. the ride looks good as well for your trip on highway 101
5:20 am
for marin county the southbound direction no delays with a 23 minute drive time from the bottle to the golden gate bridge. >> thank you george three firefighters are in serious the stable condition this morning after they were involved in a weather related accident on highway 24 in orinda . fire crews were responding to an accident east of wilder road and were on the shoulder of the highway when a car lost control and slammed into the side of the fire engine. free firefighters and the driver of the car were injured in that crash. we have photos of the firefighters who are recovering this morning they were taken to john muir medical center in walnut creek to of the firefighters did surgery all three are expected to survive. >> there rain in of a 14 year-old boy charged with
5:21 am
attempted murder, sexual assault, a kidnapping as an adult of 65 you're a woman is scheduled for today. authorities in vallejo say kaviar king of the deployment at dusk and forced her to drive several miles away where he sexually assaulting and beat her for leaving her in a ditch last month. police have described the attack as random. >> the most recent, was a 17 year-old boy who was gunned down a residential street. please leave the killing to be gang-related. the 43 homicides so far this year atop the 41 killings that happened last year. the 2011 total was doubled the previous year number of homicides. >> oakland propolice officers have made fewer a rest and last year. they have made for a 4% your arrest and last year. the plunge in} from park ridge
5:22 am
case and drug bust a minor crime like public drunkenness. there's an average of 18th your arrest per day. this year the city is facing a 23 percent spike in murders, muggings and other major offenses. the arrest figures raise questions about the oakland least part which is already struggling under the weight of the job cuts and the mental federal court oversight. nestle and arrest were down ever present in the same. >> in the south bay please releasing a sketch of a suspect in connection with the murder of a high- profile venture capital in mocked sereno. the suspect is described as a white or latino man about 23 to 24 years old. 6 ft. tall. he has black hair, dark eyes, and a light complexion. friday police found the body of ravi kumar and his motto
5:23 am
torino home near los gatos. shirley had won 38 in his wife called for help st. an assailant or assailants had ransacked the home and beaten her. she was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> will be back in just a moment with a check of the weather and traffic. you won't take my life. you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight.
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and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪
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welcome back to the kron for morning news. members of nasa's curiosity team was expected give an update on the mission to mars at 9 this morning. the announcement here in san francisco at the annual fall meeting of the american geophysical committee. rumors about a big discovery began after curiosity sciences was quoted as saying that rover instrument responsible for finding organic compounds had gathered data for " the history books. nasa downplayed the comment on a statement on friday. we will find out this morning was discovered. >> thank you marked school for out of public students is about to get long are five states will announce today that they are adding at least 300 hours of learning tied to some school starting next year.
5:27 am
colorado, connecticut, massachusetts, new york and tennessee will take part in the initiative. the goal is to boost in the achievement to make u.s. schools more competitive on a global level. the three-year pilot program will affect about 20,000 students. a mix of federal, state and district funds will cover the cost of expanded learning time. >> does get to world news a deadly collapse of a highway tunnel not far from tokyo has prompted japanese officials to order the immediate inspection of many of the tunnels across the mountainous country. you can see what we're talking about. nine people were killed in yesterday's collapse. japanese officials a concrete ceiling slabs fell on to moving vehicles deep inside the 3 mi. long tunnel. the location of the exit about halfway through the tunnel has also made work difficult. authorities say is not clear if there are other survivors. the digging continues this morning. >> the time is 5:27. we will
5:28 am
be back in a couple of minutes to start out your monday morning. let's take a look at our world cam one van ness ave. it is pretty dark out there it does look ok in the shot. after what dark out there it does look ok in the shot. after what (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.
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starting off with the bay bridge in the westbound ride the commute checks of light traffic. you'll find little slowing on interstate 580 westbound sumter antioch on highway 84. >> the clean up effort is just beginning after the weekend we had of the stormy weather. will tran as
5:32 am
live in los angeles this morning where massive sinkhole has come from the rains. >> you can't even drive here anymore. he would fall down. that's why people that live here, hundreds of residents that border mt. view boulevard will have to go around for the next several weeks. they have the heavy equipment when the crews arrived when the sun rises they will get back to work. this happened because soil gave way underneath the roadway because of the creek that runs next to it. even though there was no rainfall that is why it happened. the crews at your monitor the situation and got it under control as far as the pipe that runs underneath it. it's a 12 in. pipe that potentially carries a million gallons of water. they were afraid of all of the debris that was sitting on top of the pipe potentially cracking it. that was sent all the water rushing down here. the
5:33 am
situation seems to be under control now. part of the roadway as big chunks of is sitting here. that needs to be cleaned up, a band-aid approach. they know they need to get this roadway back up and running as soon as possible. permit repairs are way down the road but in the meantime you can see what is going on. -- permanent repairs the creek is down for now with the rainfall expected to come back tomorrow we will have to wait and see how much it rises. it should not be a big storm the second time around. >> the wins to, that was tough. >> attorneys for oscar grants civil rights case will be in court today. there will be arguing the rulings against johannes mehserle and the other two
5:34 am
officers involved leading to oscar grants killing should not be overturned. in may of 2011 it was ruled that bart could not be held responsible for the 2009 shooting death. patel ruled that most of the issues in the $50 million federal lawsuit on behalf of grass family against current and former birds police officer should be decided by a jury at a trial. >> president obama and republicans appear to be playing a game of political chicken right now. the president put out a proposal for 1.6 trillion dollars in higher taxes over several years. and 200 billion in new spending to is that stimulate the economy.
5:35 am
treasury secretary jim guy near saying republicans do not have a plan. as far as where we are with the fiscal cliff negotiations right now, we are nowhere. >> said in an moderations tend to be smaller if the president is having a second one. this coming january's inauguration for president obama will follow the same trend. there'll be close to 800,000 down from the million that crowded the national mall four years ago. >> the time is now 5:34 a.m. and the morning commute looks to be pretty good as far as the weather goes. this and the sale bridge looks great, a clear dry an easy ride. we will be right back.
5:36 am
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let's take a quick look at
5:39 am
the weather. it looks like mid-week but weather will be nice and mild into the weekend. all in all, not a bad looking for cast. we will get a detailed look with erica in just a bit. >> this weekend's big star caused quite a bit of flooding and damage all around the bay area. we have some pictures of from facebook. there's a tree toppled over here. there's also a picture coming in from the golden gate bridge. a tree here falling in a
5:40 am
richmond neighborhood on the corner of 16th and bissell. if you have any storm pictures that you would like to share this send them to our kron4 facebook page or breaking news at >> we have word that a member of the u.s. coast guard was killed and another was injured when their small boat was rammed by a smuggler's boat. it happened before dawn on sunday off the waters of southern california. investigators said the smugglers but was running at high speed without lights. another bout was able to chase down the smugglers and place them under arrest. >> the federal government has awarded more than on heavy $180 million tied to hurricane sandy. the sandy spending includes aid for floating shelters ambulances and emergency supplies. new york governor estimates that the cost of the storm to new york state at $33 billion.
5:41 am
federal contracts spending related to sandy so far does not come close to the estimated $19.6 billion that was spent on hurricane katrina. >> and this study shows that people are eligible for unemployment cannot collect their benefits. the study shows that only half of those that qualify for benefits actually apply for them between 2008 and 2009. 2000 people did not claim money that they were entitled to. 5.7 million of the 11.4 million people that were eligible collected benefits. >> at 548 and we will be back with your headlines and weather and traffic in just a couple of minutes. there is a live look from our mt. tam cam that shows the twinkly lights in just a hint of the golden gate bridge. we will be right
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
watching flood levels for the rivers around the bay area after the weekend storms. the napa river almost reaching flood stages. it did in a few rural locations. we're watching river levels are around the bay area. lafayette are around a major cleanup this morning a massive sinkhole. many trees fill in the area as well. the u.s. supreme court could decide in the next hour weather not hear the appeal on california's prop. 8 ban on voter appeal. >> forties' and '50s. folks are writing and saying it feels a little cooler out there. i feel that way myself. there clouds in the
5:46 am
distance, no problems with this bill the for most of the bay area. it's mostly in the north bay. visibility is at 0 and nevada. under a mile and napa. we're seeing the problems carryovers out of the golden gate bridge. it is a cold start to the morning and vallejo recently dropped to the upper 30's. temperatures will continue to decline as we heading closer to sunrise. 50 in san francisco 45 out the door in oakland. future cast four predicts into the 9:00 hour everyone will be in the '50s. but in the cloth into motion, 2:00 p.m. the afternoon high the rain starts to take over this terrain indicating 60s. low 60s may be upper 50s. you cannot see much variation today. as i start to the day and an increase in clause later on. 61 as the, number for just about everyone.
5:47 am
these bales 60s 61 for union city -- east bay satellite and radar shows cloud cover streaming into the bay area. this is an advance of the next storm system expected to impact us. we could see after a quarter of an inch of rain especially for the north bay. the seven there on the bay forecast shows light rain is expected to begin tuesday night. it will increase in intensity overnight into wednesday. they could be a messy convened by the middle of the week with temperatures and low 60s. tried by thursday and more sunshine by friday. overall pretty mild conditions as we transition into the weekend. 547 a and then here is charged with traffic. >> we are continuing to monitor a pretty light ride
5:48 am
this morning with nothing in a way of hot spots are major congested. chp with us and then again incident yet this morning. if there is still light traffic for the bay bridge. no delays on the san mateo bridge or backups on the approach. an easy drive across the span. the golden gate bridge is a smooth and light commute as well as dry. the drive times on interstate 80 are still excellent. we're only looking at about 14 minute commute from hercules to berkeley. 16 as the san ramon valley. west 580 is already heavy to the altamont pass. one-on-one as a little slowing around julien mckee but will probably clear before the commute into full swing. the peninsula's fell a light ride a year on the 1 01 southbound with no delays on the golan gav
5:49 am
>> an open company, revolution foods has won the bid to provide food to schools starting next year. the more artificial ingredients for high fructose corn syrup or trans fats will be used. sampras's go will be what become one of the future school jesters to use at this service. school board approval is scheduled for sometime next week. >> falling sports and taking a look at what is happening with the rams and the 49 years. the rams scored twice in the final three minutes and four seconds of regulation getting their lone touchdown. rams kicker greg is airline known as lady tryon can -54 yd field goal with 60 seconds left in
5:50 am
overtime. 26 seconds away from another dive of the rams sealed the deal 16 to 13 the final of for the 49 hours. this is the second game for them in three weeks. the raiders, it's just as ugly as they got with the bay area. did you see it? of course you did not it was blacked out in the bay area because it was not sold out. the browns had just enough to be a 12 game losing streak in the oakland 2217 in their fifth straight loss. >> we have two coaches and one other employee here. at that at least four guys trying to negotiate.
5:51 am
>> that was the terrible situation of the 911 tapes police in describing the moment before the 25 year- old linebacker killed himself yesterday. right in front of the head coach after murdering his girlfriend. joe biden belcher thanks his coaching before killing himself. the couple leased the time the three month old daughter. he played all four seasons of his nfl career with the chiefs before the kickoff yesterday's game the crowd was asphyxia armada silence serve victims of domestic violence and their families. >> the time is 5:50 a.m. and we'll be back in a couple of minutes. we want to remind you that dr. phil comes up
5:52 am
on the kron4 morning news afte. it is about dating, as the person that you share your secrets with really who they say they are? we will be back.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
twilight and sky fall continued to dominate the box office. twilight ciba breaking dawn part 2 is ahead but not by much. lincoln came in at no. 3 player in december 13th and a half million of the box office. pope benedict the 16th has been joined twitter. it is
5:56 am
at pontiff fax. you decomposing tweets by himself. the first sui will be by him after that probably the vatican. there was a moment in june of 2011 that the pope sent out is first official tweet but that was a vatican account not his personal account. the pope is officially a tweeter. >> the presidential election became the most searched item. the election was over one of the second was iphone 5 and no. 3 cam car-
5:57 am
she and because of the divorce with chris humphries. also kate capt., kate will tran and whitney houston. >> and card test and is in bahrain right now and there have been some protest. >> i wonder why >> got the of the next hour following five days of rain will have more on the storm taking place in the bay area today. also the sinkhole and lafayette. we're waiting for the next round of rain and erica kato will have the the timing on the forecast. keeping an eye and washington politicians are getting nowhere as they try to deal with the fiscal cliff that is just 28 days away. will be back in two
5:58 am
minutes after this quick break.
5:59 am

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